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The forum is designed to offer a comprehensive 360 experience for high school and university students providing awareness, training and enabling opportunities for UAE national youth.

Students literally travel through interactive zones that simulate their career development stages and tracks.

They experience a number of interactive workshops, attend talks, and network with private sector experts and HR mentors throughout the day.

  • Discovery

    Students explore their interests and skills to plan for their future studies and careers with professional career advisors using the latest tools.


    • Interactive self-assessment tools to discover students' interests and skills
    • Discovering majors and various career options linked to jobs needed in the future
    • Tools to build a career development road map
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  • Upskilling Zone

    Students obtain skills and practical knowledge through interactive private-sector led workshops on employability and digital skills that are key for their future success.


    • A wide range of interactive workshops covering key 21st Century skills needed to succeed in a modern workplace
    • Characteristics and behaviors of Successful Professionals
    • Tools to secure and prepare for internships and student jobs
    • Digital skills by IT and Telecom companies
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  • Self Employment Zone

    Aspiring young entrepreneurs and freelancers can gain entrepreneurial skills, advice on how to take their ideas to the next level, and expand their network with government partners, experts and real-life entrepreneurs.


    • Interactive ideation workshops
    • Developing business plans and strategies tailored for youth start-ups
    • Steps to starting your business in the UAE
    • Tools and development strategies for freelancers
    • Networking opportunities with government partners supporting UAE entrepreneurs
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  • Tawteen Talks

    Inspirational informative talks on job market trends, best practices, and success stories to raise awareness on strategic sectors, industry developments influencing jobs of the future.


    • Private sector role models sharing their success stories, career growth and business leadership strategies
    • Building Careers in the 4th industrial revolution
    • Jobs of the Future
    • Technology trends affecting the job market (AI, Blockchain, e-commerce)
    • Changing perceptions on important sectors and advantages of working in the private sector
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  • Future Zone

    Futuristic exhibit showcasing activities, interactive simulations, and key technologies related to STEM careers.

    • Companies and industries showcase key technologies, interactive simulators, VR experiences and activities related to STEM careers.
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  • Wajehni Internship Fair

    Opportunity for private sector companies to recruit students and build future talents through internships and student training opportunities, targeting high school and university students.


    • Internships targeting high school and university students
    • Summer Jobs
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