Whether you were in charge of Emiratisation at a private sector company, an academic counselor or educator at a school or university, or a student at university or high school; Wajehni can support you in the following ways:

Wajehni allows you to add one or more establishment(s) and multiple HR team members to manage student applications and postings.

You can start by registering your establishment, Company Logo, and your details to create an account*.

Then, you will be able to add team members and assign them to their related establishments.

Establishments that can register:

  • Registered under MOHRE, Semi-government and free-zone companies with a valid trade license and a good track record, can join the program.

*Only the main user (focal point) can add establishments and sub-users.   All users and establishments need to be verified by the system administrator before proceeding to post internships.

Wajehni supports you to attract qualified UAE students. Posts are directly accessible to talented national students from UAE universities and MOE schools.

You will be able to manage your account through a dashboard that will simplify the overall process for you. You will be able to manage the sub-users, update establishment details, post opportunities, preview at a high level the number of opportunities posted, and student applications.

Posting an opportunity allows students to explore about your company and the field or industry at which your company operates. In addition, students will learn about the role they partake, what they will learn through the program, the requirements needed to apply, working hours, duration, and incentives or allowances.

To ensure matching success, companies are advised to plan and consider timeframes for internships and summer jobs that align with the academic cycle in the UAE.

Once the posting is verified and approved by the system administrator, students will receive an automatic notification to view the details of the post and apply.

You will also receive training requests from students and Educational Institutes that pertains durations where students are available for training along with their majors. This will help you plan the timings and will lead to the success of your post.

All posted opportunities will have to be approved and verified by the system administrator before its published to students.

After your post is published, you will receive notifications whenever a student applies.

In order to track the process, each student application will go through 4 levels of status updates:

  1. Shortlisting
  2. Interview*
  3. Selection
  4. Completion of Training

The system allows you to Export reports to excel, and to Export All Resumes in one click.

In case your posting did not succeed, Wajehni team will continue to support you through arranging open days (if required) or invite you to Tawteen360 student forums to interview students and select them on-spot. Also, Wajehni team will regularly seek your feedback to improve the system.

*Interviews are not mandatory; it depends on your process. If you opt for "not interviewed", the student application will not be rejected.

Internships and summer jobs enhance the career readiness of UAE National students and youth and increase their interests to pursue careers in the private sector. Targeting UAE National students can be an effective long term strategy to shape and prepare future employees for their particular business requirements.

You can use Wajehni as an opportunity to evaluate and assess the student during this training period and achieve the Emiratisation target.

Wajehni allows you to add one or more team members and multiple campuses.

You can start registering by entering the institutes’ information and your personal details.

You can verify and disable your students accounts.

You will also be able to monitor the students’ activities and track their applications.

You will access a dashboard that will enable you to view the number or registered students under your campus, your students’ applications, number of internships and summer jobs available in the system.

Wajehni also allows educators to import excel reports.

You will also view your students application status and help them in choosing a relevant training opportunity.

To support your efforts, Wajehni has added a feature that allows you to request trainings from companies by specifying the majors, duration, and number of students that will be available for internship at the specified period.

Wajehni allows you to discover multiple training opportunities offered by private sector companies across the UAE.

You can start by registering your details, uploading your CV, and creating your account.

High school students in Grades 10, 11, and 12, as well as University students, at all levels can register in Wajehni.

You can edit your profile to allow companies to see your most updated information.

In Wajehni, you will explore a wide range of industries, companies, and programs.

You will also learn about different roles, activities, majors in the private sector.

You will received system-generated emails when a new opportunity is posted.

Through Wajehni, you will apply to training opportunities and internships offered by companies.

If you didn’t find what you needed, you can still request a training program from companies at the duration that works best for you.

You will go through a process that will prepare you for future employment; starting by shortlisting, to interviewing, and final selection.

You will receive a certificate from the company upon successful completion of the program.

Wajehni offers you an opportunity to grow and prosper. It will equip you with a set of skills and knowledge that are required in the job market.

You will also get an insight by working in a company multinational organization or a competitive private sector company.

Distinguish yourself with the enriching and diversified On The Job Training