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In collaboration and partnership with the Ministry of Education and UAE Universities, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation introduced Wajehni program as part of the Tawteen360 initiative, to encourage students and youth to pursue career in the private sector.

Wajehni program supports the efforts of companies and human resources departments in attracting young national talents and building a channel of communication with them, which contributes to achieving the goals of Emiratisation in the long term, through partnerships and cooperation. Internships are universally established as a great tool for enabling capabilities, accessing unique talents, and building a future network.

Wajehni directly links UAE national University and Highschool students with internships and summer training opportunities in the private sector to facilitate the connection between companies and students, and to enable students’ work readiness and strengthen youth’s skills for future careers.

The program was also designed to supports career counsellors in bridging the gap between education and the academic experience, while giving their students access to the private sector.

In 2018, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has launched Wajehni App and Wajehni Web which creates an immediate connection between establishments and their potential interns.


Link students with internships summer jobs in the private sector


Support private sector companies in attracting qualified UAE students


Support educators in bridging the gap through internships in the private sector

Wajehni Program provides internships and part-time student jobs to create a win-win opportunity for both companies and students.

Benefits of the Companies

Benefits to Students